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Cacao Varieties

Picture from our farm

Creole cocoa.

The  Cacao Criollo  originally from Central America, Colombia and Venezuela , producing sweet and intense flavor cocoa. Of every 100 cocoa beans produced in the world, 5 grains are Criollo cocoa.

Cacao Forastero

The  Cacao Forastero  or  Calabacillo  that is native to the Amazon, Brazil, produces bitter cocoa. Of every 100 cocoa beans that are produced in the world, 80 grains are from Cacao Forastero.

Trinitarian cocoa.

The crossing of these two groups gave rise to the Trinitario Cacao , named for having its origin in the Island of Trinidad, off the coast of Venezuela. From the repeated crossing between them, the different types of cocoa that are known and used today originated. Of every 100 cocoa beans produced in the world, 15 grains are of Trinitario cocoa.

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